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Wireless Services


We are a licensed Internet Service Provider using state of the art wireless technology to offer voice and data services to businesses and homes.

You can turn your home into a Wi-Fi zone to connect all your Wi-Fi enabled devices which include smartphones, laptops and even television sets. The Talk ‘n Surf network is designed, built and maintained by our experienced network engineers, so we do not rely on any third party network.

Talk ‘n Surf offers Uncapped (unlimited internet access) Data Packages that are shaped. Packages are shaped when pre-set usage thresholds are reached. Our Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies to all Uncapped/Shaped packages and once initiated, the user’s contracted bandwidth will reduce by 50% for the remainder of the month. Our Data Packages are designed in such a way that the Upload and Download speeds are the same.

Fibre Technology

Fibre Optics

Very exciting news, FIBRE has arrived to Talk n' Surf!


Soon we will have a self service 'Click & Connect' button where you can check the fibre availability in your area. For now, drop us an email, WhatsApp or give us a call and we will help you get connected.


Fibre is currently the most reliable internet connection solution available to homes and businesses in South Africa.


It uses fibre optic technology to literally transport data at the speed of light, and therefore provides superiorly fast connectivity. It’s also one of the most reliable connections that has little to no interruptions.

Fibre broadband is relatively new to South Africa, and while the cables have been installed in most cities, there are many residential and rural regions that are still waiting for their turn.

Voice Over IP


What is VOIP and what is it used for?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a combination of hardware and software that enables you to use our internet service to make telephone calls. Talk ‘n Surf can port your existing provider number for use on our network, or alternatively we can provide you with a new number from our network. It is important to note that geographic numbers may only be ported within the same geographic region. 032 or 071 etc.

The advantage of migrating your telephone system to VOIP is reduced call costs and pure per second billing. We are also able to troubleshoot and resolve issues within a short time frame, as we control the equipment and maintain the network ourselves. 

• Save on your telephone bill. Per second billing resulting in cheaper call charges.
• Keep your existing telephone number.
• Keep your telephone number when you relocate.
• Use your existing phone or PABX system. No need to upgrade to a VOIP phone.

Standard Analog phones and PABX systems can be adapted to give you clear Voice over Internet Protocol calling.

Mikrotik & Cambium
Hardware & Software

Electronic Board

Our network infrastructure is powered by the very reliable & stable Mikrotik hardware & software 

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