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Why Choose Us?

We are a leading IT service provider, enabling businesses & the every day person to connect easily & effortlessly. We provide top notch customer service, tailored to your specific needs. Since starting, we offer our services to a variety of people – be it rapidly growing startups or the mom who is working from home, we cater to everyone.

We have the experience and expertise, let us help you to connect today.


Since 2008 we have been operating from Ballito, Paulpietersburg and Pietermaritzburg in KZN. We can supply both fiber and wireless connections for internet and voice services, and we are able to adapt to your individual requirements. Our flexibility caters to both small and large businesses and the residential market.

Rural Areas

When we started out, our focus was on the less populated and more rural type areas around KZN. Since then, our network coverage and customer base has rapidly expanded into much larger areas including some bigger cities.


Talk n’ Surf is continually evolving with the changes in the technology within the industry, developing new solutions and adapting to the constantly changing demands on our network.

Our committed management and staff will always ensure that you receive excellent service.

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